Monday, April 18, 2011

K5.0 Donkey made me Doctor

10 years ago when i completed my school & i had to select my career, doctor was considered to be the best & the only profession. Even now, becoming a doctor is a foremost wish for every student, but people are more educated now, they are diversified in their views & has started looking to other career option. Long before, if you check merit list of top 100 students, you will find all of them taking medical field, but now you can see other field too. At that time people consider doctor as God & they use to worship them ( I don't know WHY ? ) but nowadays you will finds some authors of local newspaper like Kanti Bhatt always criticizing doctors, wrongly due to lack of their medical knowledge. Ok i will discuss about this all later in some other post. Here i would i like to say how i decided to be a doctor.

JANMASHTAMI, birthday of Lord Krishna, is celebrated with great splendors & devotions in state of Gujarat, especially in Saurashtra region from where i belongs. Temples & homes are beautifully decorated & lit. An attractive features of celebrations are cribs & other decorations depicting stories of Lord Krishna's childhood. Fairs are organized in big cities with different varieties of rides, toy stalls, & restaurants. Thousands of  people from nearby village visit it and enjoy fair.
During my childhood people used to ask me what would i like to become in my life? And i would reply to be a doctor. I used to see a great feelings of happiness & proud in eyes of my parents. Once along with my parents, i went to Janmashtami fair & visited a Donkey show. Inside a big tent, people gathers around in peripheral circle, while donkey & his master standing in centre. Master will ask a question, answer of which would be one of people around. Donkey then move around people & when he approach correct answer, he stops. Questions would be like, which person has lost 1 or 2 of his teeth, which women among us is most greedy, likewise. Sometimes master give his watch or any of his belongings to people to hide it and tells donkey to find it. Surprisingly donkey used to be correct most of the time. That day master asked, which child among us is going to become doctor in future? I started praying, please God, let this donkey stop in front of me. He moved around circle four or five times & suddenly stoped in front of me. I jumped up so high happily. People clapped & looked at me like i had won some big award or prize. I felt flying high up in the sky. After that i used to say everyone about this donkey incident & people used to encourage me to go for it.

After completing school, i took up admission in medical college. During my studies, i faced a lots of struggle, burdens & hard work, sometimes i thought i am wasting my whole youth full of enjoyments, movies, sports, etc and used to blame that donkey. Finally now since i had completed my graduation and became doctor, i feel i was wrong to blame that donkey. Even Lord Krishna had said, everything happened in life has a rightful & meaningful purpose in our life. Opportunity comes to every people's life, we just need to identify it. I believe in it. My opportunity came in form of that donkey. Now i am doctor and enjoys great respect in society.


Sairam said...

What is the secret to you becomig blogger?

Dr Kenit Patel said...

@Sairam, there's no secret, m having free times before i start my post graduation, so utilizing free time

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