Friday, June 10, 2011

K14.0 Baba Ramdev or Neta Ramdev !!!

PM Manmohansingh & UPA led government, during the last 2 years, has seen more ups-down then they might have seen during their whole career or politics history. CWG scam, 2G scam amidst lots of other small scam and now anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare n followed by more flamboyant Baba Ramdev, against the tax evaders. This means PM is a very brave person to face this (in fact such a leader must be compared to coward when he says he is not aware of what is happening; remember the PM comments about 2G scam & Raja)

Let me make it clear at the very beginning, i m not a fan of Baba Ramdev neither i support any political party. This are my personal views & i will keep it straight forward. Baba may be a good yoga teacher, but it is hard for me to believe some of his claims. As far medical field is concerned, i am sure you can't grow back your lost hair simply by rubbing your finger nails against each other, can't cure homosexuality just by breathing deeply, you can't get rid of cancer just by drinking cow urine everyday & you can't cure diabetes by drinking Lauki juice. Baba has been involved in shady land deals before, might have crores of rupees, may be in the name of his trust, charged thousands of rupees for his yoga session which i have seen personally when he visited my town.

Now lets looks at what happened recently behind the scenes. Before Baba started his fast on saturday, he along with his right hand Acharya Balkrushna had a meeting for almost 4 hours with minister Kapil Sibal & Subodhkant Sahai behind closed doors of a five star hotel !!! of Delhi. Govt accepted most of the demand of Baba. The only thing which they didn't accepted was to enforce law to declare this black money as National asset/treasure. Govt after a hard work !! created a heavy dozier of all demands of Baba accepted by them. Baba, for the first time, showed interest to call off his fast. Its looks like an agreement reached between govt & Baba. But Kapil Sibal was not satisfied with this. He wanted Baba to pen down his signature on a written agreement & make announcement their in hotel itself. But Baba believed by announcing this, his follower who came from far away place will get angry (so was this Baba publicity stunt?) so Baba asked for 1 more day and after this (token) fast, he will call it off, and also said, he never sign on any paper (??) So Kapil Sibal & other agreed, took Acharya Balkrushna signature on an agreement on which was written that 99% of Baba's demand has been met by govt n Baba will call his fast off within 24 hours. Kapil, throughout in this meeting, was in contact with finance minister Pranav Mukherjee. He then called PM n informed him about this, & then hugged Baba, saying, Now you can have Celebrations !!
Baba came back to Ramlila & announced on stage that their 99% of demand were met by govt. Next day his fast & yoga camp started. This time he announced he will continue his fast until govt accept his all demands. Kapil Sibal was shocked to hear this. He called Baba & reminded about their agreement of calling off fast after 4 pm but Baba didn't replied in straight manner. Kapil got angered & decided never to call him back. He waited for 5 pm & after getting confirmed of Baba U turn, he went to finance minister Pranav Mukherjee office.

Home minister Chidambaram cancelled his 4 pm flight to Chennai & went to Pranav Mukherjee office. Within 30 mins they decided to took action by sending police troops to Ramlila maidan at midnight. Implementation of this plan was on Chidambaram. At 5:40 pm he met Home secretary G K Pillai & head of Intelligence bureau Nehchal Sandhu. G K Pillai along with Delhi head police officer gave the final call on plan to raid at midnight.

Kapil Sibal prepared to call press conference at 6 pm. When baba came to know about this, he called Kapil, to which he replied, if he will not call off his fast & movement, then he will declare his written agreement. Baba didn't agreed. 

On the other side, Delhi police made all preparation to raid Ramlila maidan. At 11 pm, a written notice was sent to baba, stating Govt has given promise to declare black money as nation asset, now u follow your promise; but again baba didn't replied to this notice. At 12:35 am Delhi police started their operation. Baba, resting on stage along with thousands of his followers, suddenly got awake & took microphone in his hand "Even if i get arrested, our fast & movement against corruption will continue" when one policeman went near to arrest him, he jumped off from stage & ran. Followers gathered around baba & gave him cordless microphone. He requested people to remain calm & peaceful. Police had to watch this drama going on. Now tear gas was thrown, some of which caught fire on stage, chaos was created among people. Old men, women & children started running, many of them got injured, but baba disappeared. He disguised himself in white color woman cloth. 2 hours went but police didn't found baba. There were different groups of women chanting against this raid, but one group was silent, behaving like being injured & was trying to flea away. Police got doubted & they found baba among those women. (Now why the hell, baba jumped from the stage, ran like a thief/accused, changed his orange clothes to white colored woman cloth? What baba wanted to do? He could better got arrested, which would have increased sympathy toward him from people not only present there in Ramlila but from the whole country. But was he afraid? How can he be trusted? Just recently, after few days of this incidents, due to fast his body started deteriorating, to which doctors advised him to stop fast & take food. But he denied & decided to go on fasting until his death !! Now the person who ran n disguised in woman cloth is worthy of being trusted? Its better looks like a well executed drama)



 Was this well planned action of Govt.?

If central govt has taken such strict action against baba movement from the very beginning itself, than this sunday midnight raid would have been considered as legal action against baba. But for many days govt minister spread red carpet for baba, & agreed to take action against corruption & then raided. This shows it was well planned action by govt.

Govt knew that from 2nd day itself, RSS workers from whole country will come to Ramlila & will took over this movement & hence they decided to raid at midnight. As planned earlier, Govt & Congress party kept themself at distance with congress giving opposite statement to that of govt. Congress newspaper's editor Anil Shastri tweeted next day, "what happened at Ramlila maidan was unfortunate & was avoidable. This decision was of PM Manmohansingh govt n has nothing to do with congress party"

And than the blame game started between different people & party. Some minister accused baba as purely businessman to which other replied, "that's your minister went to receive baba at airport & sign MOU." The opposition, mainly Sangh parivar came out in full throated support of Ramdev, comparing police raid on yoga camp with Jallianwala Bagh massacre, an allegation that insults the memories of victims of Amritsar atrocity. This comparison was simply ridiculous. As TV footage showed, there was no violence from police as they claimed. But yes, followers of Baba were definately violent, to which police responded. If people present there has to blame anyone for this midnight raid, than its none other than their Baba who kept them behind in dark scenes. I don't know what Baba motives are? Bringing back black money n anti corruption action are only his agenda, but he too has secret wish to enter political frame & he can't find better stage than this. (remember last year he announced he will form his own political party led by his own people)

Baba was arrested & sent back to Varanasi. He was prohibited to enter Delhi for at least 15 more days to calm down situation. Although he tried to go back to Delhi but was denied by UP govt. Next day baba announced, he personally has forgiven PM & govt, but this nation & people will never forgive this action against their democracy. Next day baba did U turn (just like he do sirsharshan) & said, he will form an army of 11k people, from different part of country, will give them arms & training & then will face govt force. (now after thief, accused, lady, & businessman tag, baba was not satisfied so he went for terrorist tag too!! Was this Gandhian non peaceful movement or was it greed of baba?)

On other side, UPA is dreading a confrontation with Baba for a simple reason- he is followed by people who don't thinks on their own, they will do anything for him, will fast & will also die if circumstances arises, they are like misguided terrorist, who thinks they will go to heaven directly from Ramlila. This country has came to such a stage that ignorance is practiced on an industrial scale can be seen as an alternate to its political system discredited by corruption. Tihar jail is already flooded with more politicians than murderers.

Cornered by a number of corruption cases, the Congress led govt. has not done anything to give an impression that it's serious about tackling corruption. It's not serious about nothing, only power. But so are other party too. Now where people of largest democratic country goes? To Baba Ramdev or Neta Ramdev !!


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